11th grader dating 7th grader

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11th grader dating 7th grader

If she's able to pass whatever graduation qualifying exams the school may have; and it truly was a mistake that she was put in a class with younger kids, maybe something could be worked out where she could receive a diploma without spending another whole year in school. So it's not like your sister is actually hanging out with a bunch of college kids.Are you concerned that your 16-y-o sister has a friend arguably old enough to be in college? But, if the friendship continues, it doesn't hurt for your parents to be aware that in a little over a year the older friend will be able to legally buy alcohol.New York is very strict about meeting requirements.Placement in a lower grade helps an ESL student born overseas to catch up and reach their full potential instead of being "aged out" of the free education system at age 18.

I am sure that a little consideration could lead you to a number of reasons why she might have gone to 7th instead of 9th grade at 14, and to a number of reasons why she might choose not to discuss the matter with you.She might end up paying for remedial classes at a community college, or forced in to the work force in a low level job. His parents went to Turkey first and then came here. He was making the very best possible use of his time in high school by gaining college credits for areas where he was strong, and he was extremely grateful for the opportunity for a free American education.When I was in high school there was one particular group of students whose parents came to this country so their sons could escape the draft in Turkey. He was a 20 year old high school junior who took advanced placement/honors classes in German, Russian and math. Ironically, one of the young Turkish men was drafted into the army and was sent overseas where he died serving the United States.Its actually pretty common but you tend to see it more in the virtual schools. By the time she actually hits high school she will basically skip 2 years and credit wise will be a Jr.Her actual Jr year she will start college and graduate with both an AS and her high school diploma so who cares that she will be 20?

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I don't doubt that this explanation makes perfect sense to those of you familiar with the US high school and college system, but as a Canadian it has just left my head spinning.