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I guess my question was would a surgeon still do the procedure if I wasn't trying to actually transition, and since I'm not trying to prove I'm actually female, would I still need other counseling etc. Additionally, my guess is that with a polite request, Joe can probably provide more detail on how exactly to sell this kind of thing to a surgeon.

It's not surprising that men and women value different things in the workplace, but employers aren't necessarily paying attention to the details.

The sexual aspect is simply put; a bonus in that I would be fortunate to have someone that has the looks I enjoy most with the body type I find most arousing; but the real win is having someone to love and be loved by. Share a good meal, some good food, stay up all night talking about what makes you feel good and having no shame in admitting that a tgirl is beautiful.

I really hope you find peace in your self and someone who loves you as we all need to be loved. In fact more often than not I've personally found them to be quite snuggly. Honestly, I would be more concerned if we get along. Life sometimes can be difficult and seem like it is all sucky. No hormones, didn't want to transition, didn't feel "female born in the wrong body" etc. Where would one need to start on something like that?

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