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Today, during the press conference following the game, Hassabis and Deep Mind announced they will publicly release 50 games Alpha Go played against itself inside the vast data centers that underpin Google's online empire."Some of the great games in history may be played on these servers," Hassabis says.In one of the many fan interviews Craig, he revealed the Green-Eyed people worship Arnold and Helga, since Arnold was literally born during an apocalyptic-like setting while the latter is worshiped because of her fearlessness.

The evolution of Alpha Go is just one demonstration of the way artificial intelligence can not only replace human skills but advance them.

Last March in Seoul, South Korea, Alpha Go became the first machine to beat a top player at the ancient game of Go when it defeated Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol—a feat that most researchers didn't consider possible just a few years before.

In the year since, Hassabis and his team significantly improved the machine.

The show explained the Green-Eyed people were supposed to be a lost civilization with grand cities filled with gold and extravagance, following the same stories which were used to reinforce the imagination of the conquistadors and was used to further commit endless accounts of genocide all over the Americas and Caribbean in order to steal land and resources.

The lore created around the Green-Eyed continued to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Indigenous people in a medium that historically never represented them as complex and well-written human beings.

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There are so many interesting characters to talk about in this series, like my favorite character Helga G. Her story line surprised me as it showed how deep the show was willing to go in regards to discussing mental health, how coping mechanisms helped children like Helga survive family abuse, and how she would need continuous support from both adults and friends who care about her.

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