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As I mentioned above, I now use a board called the Psychic Circle designed by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. It “contains” whatever entity is coming through the board. if you approach this work as a game, you will find yourself connecting with energies that just want to play, and some of these can be harmful.My son played with the Ouija board and brought a spirit out! They can and do open doors to the other side and what comes through can be a nuisance.I know because my dog keeps barking at him and growling, she won’t attack him because she knows his voice!! First thing to do is get on the board with your son.You have to do this with your son, since he is the one that opened the board up. Demand the name of the spirit, say goodbye to it, command it to leave, and then close out the board.LL&L, Christopher Ree Note from Danielle: As synchronicity would have it, this next article arrived in my mail box while I was posting Christopher’s… By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager aka The Demon Warrior The owner of HPI – Shannon ‘Ms. I go back over his statement and discover that his statement is consistent and has no discrepancies or contradictions. Huntley basically says that he was playing with a Ouija Board with 3 of his buddies, they were trying to make contact with the late Michael Jackson, since all 4 of them are big Michael Jackson fans. Huntley, one of his buddies passed out and started convulsing for 2 minutes.Macabre’ Mc Cabe received an emergency phone call from South Sacramento, near where I live. They had a candle lit and the candle flame went out on it’s own. After this session, they put up the Ouija Board and never brought it out again. Huntley says on one night the window slammed closed on its own.I had just moved to San Francisco to an apartment at 1137 Hyde St .

First let me tell you about a very life changing experience I had with the Ouija board back in the summer of 1971.

At first the messages told us what a great team Robyn and I made, but the messages as to who and what we could be started to be the main focus. Robyn went on to be an excellent astrologer in Aspen , Colorado , Jim, a numerologist in California . This dimension is populated by both good and bad entities, just like here.

Everyone in the group eventually became astute in the areas suggested by the board. Bob became a worker of quartz crystal; Barb became an herbalist/healer/midwife. All of us were directed by the board to pursue these paths. On the other hand, there are many people that tinker with the board. We, at Global Psychics, recently received a couple of letters from a mother whose son had played with a Ouija board; he got it to work; he opened up the door, but did not close it out when he was through “playing” with it.

He would not allow any mischievous spirits to invade our space, and he told us this right out front. We got some very useful information that served us very well. We never used the board for gossip or for selfish purposes. (You should always do the board with two people.) Anyway, the point is that the doorway was not closed.

There is the word GOOD BYE on every Ouija board and it is there for a very important reason. If you do not close the board, you open yourself to just about anything that wants to come through.

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