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Typical of German Colonial architecture, the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum has these features: A British Style Takes Root in the New World The symmetrical, orderly Georgian style became prominent in Colonial America.

Shown here, a Georgian Colonial home in Sandwich, New Hampshire.

The difference is in the details: While Georgian homes are square and angular, a Federal style building is more likely to have curved lines and decorative flourishes.

The roof extends over the porches without interruption. was settled by Europeans of English descent, so the Tidewater house style could not be called "French." The hot and wet environmental conditions of both southern regions created the independent need for similar designs.

Twentieth century Dutch Colonial Revival houses borrow the gambrel roof found on historic Dutch Colonial houses.

See a 20th century Dutch Colonial Revival bungalow German Settlers in the American colonies used local materials to recreate building styles from their homeland.

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