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Seventh Inning Stretch: Obviously, this date involves some kind of sporting event or activity. Take her to see a basketball game or see what teams for your college are playing that day; there’s gotta be something going on near you.

These can be a movie, concert, Netflix, skydiving, a hike, or whatever comes to mind. Oh yeah, you have to go through with the date, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Look, these date ideas will only work if you know how treat a woman and don’t say whatever pops into your head.

You could take a girl to a taco truck but if you can converse with her in a stimulating way and make her smile, laugh, and feel comfortable with you, that’ll take you farther than some stupid pickup lines or extravagant date idea ever could.

This will allow you to have a laugh and will show her that you can be fun, spontaneous, and creative, all great attributes.

Get In Harmony: When a couple finds that they have common interests, the relationship instantly gets better, and you feel more at ease with each other and have plenty to talk about, which always helps.

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