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Beavis and butthead in dating

created Daria's character because we wanted a smart female who could serve as the foil".s final seasons, MTV representatives approached story editor Glenn Eichler, offering a spin-off series for Daria, and a five-minute pilot, "Sealed with a Kick", was created by Eichler and Beavis and Butt-Head staffer Susie Lewis (although written by Sam Johnson and Chris Marcil).

MTV approved a series order of 13 episodes; both Eichler and Lewis were signed onto the series as executive producers.

The emotional and comedic turmoil among Jane, Tom and Daria was the centerpiece of the TV movie Is It Fall Yet?

, and the relationship between Tom and Daria fueled several of season five's stories.

The dynamics among the characters change during season four, when Jane begins a relationship with Tom Sloane, son of one of the town's richest families.

Though Daria is hesitant to accept Tom at first, she and Tom find themselves becoming closer, culminating in a kiss in the season finale.

Would you ever trust a friend, family member or partner to design your new ink, knowing you have no say in the design, just to get on TV?

Her immediate family (mother Helen, father Jake, and younger sister, Quinn) and her best friend Jane Lane appear in nearly every episode.

A number of secondary characters round out the regular cast.

The plots of Daria largely concern a juxtaposition between the central character's jaded, sardonic cynicism and the values/preoccupations of her suburban American hometown of Lawndale.

In a 2005 interview, series co-creator Glenn Eichler described the otherwise unspecified locale as "a mid-Atlantic suburb, outside somewhere like Baltimore or Washington, D. They could have lived in Pennsylvania near the Main Line, though".

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I felt that referencing them in Daria, while we were trying to establish the new characters and the different type of humor, ran the risk of setting up false expectations and disappointment in the viewers – which could lead to a negative reaction to the new show and its different tone.