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When I got into my training, I realized that you really had to bring all of yourself to your roles.

And you have to create the roles with your experience to inform what you’re doing.

On Wednesday, viewers of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) show got to watch the debut of Toine Wilkins, a transgender police officer and high school friend of the show's principle character, Ralph Angel.

Actor Brian Michael Smith, who used this character as his vehicle to come out as transgender, has been acting professionally for the last five years and hadn’t disclosed his gender identity until this moment.

Ava Du Vernay’s show "Queen Sugar" has been critically acclaimed as one of the best dramas on TV.

She brings complex characters and nuanced stories to all her projects and is willing to push us to think bigger about the diversity of the black experience in America.

But the more time I spent doing the acting training and doing a lot of self-investigation and through therapy, I became more comfortable with my entire self as a person.

I want to take on roles that will move the chain to where I finally want to go.I was really working from an incomplete version of myself.I was leaning into the parts that were comfortable for me: roles around moving from one town to another or dating and things like that. It wasn’t that there was any shame or anything like that, I just wasn’t ready to explore that in my work.At that time, I was trying to figure out what my identity was and roles became more gendered, it was a little bit more challenging for me to stay with the acting.I started to learn more behind the scenes stuff and was working with young people for two or three years.

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I’ve been acting since I was a child doing church plays and stuff like that.