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Or you might try one of the new, more complex games that are sweeping the country like "Settlers of Canaan."Urbanites, toss a blanket and bottle of wine in the car and then drive until you find a scenic location far from the city lights.

If you want to make an entire night of it, bring a picnic and dine by the sunset. Instead of spending tons of money at the movie theater, stay home and watch one of your favorite films together. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about someone from their movie selection. Watch a marathon of your favorite TV show or one that you've missed but always wanted to catch up on (Many beaches and lakes are free to visit, which makes them an ideal spot for a romantic rendezvous.

Everyone loves having pictures of their special someone, whether for your wallet, on your desk at work, or just for your home.

Have fun with your photoshoot and come up with interesting costumes, backdrops, and angles.

There are plenty of activities you can do for free or next-to-nothing that are just as fun and romantic—if not more so—than going out to dinner and drinks.

Whether you're an outdoorsy kind of person or you prefer inside entertainment, there's something for everyone.

Turn your own home into a club with a particular theme.

While a quiet evening of Scrabble and Pinot is not a bad idea, consider amping up the festivities and hosting a couple's game night of charades and Pictionary.

All you need is paper, a marker, and some creativity to develop fun categories that all will enjoy.

Best of all, the clean up gets split between everyone. Take a cooking class, head over to the local library for a Western-European history session, or test out your foreign language skills by borrowing a beginner's guide to Italian on CD.

Spas are having a field day advertising romantic but expensive couples' massages. You can also tap into the Internet for infinite learning possibilities on culture, history, art, politics, and more.

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We couldn't agree more, but we suggest the at-home version to save hundreds of dollars. This works best if you either live by a sandy beach/ocean or if you have a kid's sandbox around.