Cyrano dating agency soundtrack

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I dropped Gourmet like a hot potato for the same exact reason when the "airhead" popped up at the gate 2-3 episodes in.

Didn't care for the Me Ari character of Gentlemen's Dignity either.

No I'm looking forward for "I have a lover" Watching the trailer, with his boyish haircut, he looks far younger than before.

Love him more His acting is so great that i hate him after watching Blood.

They are very funny, cute and have great chemistry.

I hope they will act together again and I really hope that there will be more series with great storylines and characters that fit Ji Jin Hee's talent better. Your most out standing, Wonderful, Superb performances in Dongi Yi & in Jewel in the palace DEEPLY TOUCHED by ME and the SRI LANKAN Audience I'm very thankful for giving the sub titles in English because we can't understanding the Korean language.

Believe, the drama is very good, with an excellent plot.

I think that Ji Jin Hee and Han Hyo Joo are a very nice couple.I thoroughly found the acting, directing and writing of A Word from warm heart outstanding. This drama was so well acted by all and I give my appreciation for the casting director. I went back and forth on which male lead won my heart and the young husband won with the line about the baby seed. Ji Jin-Hee's steely, strong, silent acting using only his face and body were so well done. After completing watching the 2003 drama "Love Letter" and drying my eyes from the tears I shed through the last few episodes, I wanted to comment Ji Jin-Hee on his performance in this drama!I haven't seen many of his performances except "The Great Seer", but I should watch more!The second long drama series that I watched (after Jewel in the Palace long time ago) Your smile melted my heart...are such a great actor....I just could not understand that your achievement was not so many.....because you should have won more......

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