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"Her [Corinth's] colonies were spread over distant coasts in the East and West; and ships came from every sea to her harbours. In the first century, when other people described a person as a Corinthian, they were implying that lust, lasciviousness, and luxury characterized that one. Corinth as a city was ignorant of the true God, entirely self-governing as a Roman colony, and self-centered in her world.

Thus she became the common resort and the universal market of the Greeks." Corinth's strategic location brought commerce, and all that goes with it, to its populace: wealth, a steady stream of travelers and merchants, and vice. These traits marked the lives of individual unbelievers in Corinth as well.

In the order in which Paul probably wrote them, Galatians deals mainly with soteriology, 1 and 2 Thessalonians with eschatology, and 1 and 2 Corinthians with ecclesiology.

These two entities stand in vivid contrast to one another and account for the conflict we find in this epistle.

Perhaps the high-water mark is the emphasis on love as 'the most excellent way' (1 Cor. One of the evidences of this attitude in the church was the Christians' behavior when they assembled for fellowship and worship.

Those who carried this letter also reported other disturbing conditions in the church (5:1; ). The believers sampled Christian teaching like the general populace dabbled in philosophical argumentation.

These conditions were: the condoning rather than disciplining of immorality, Christians suing one another in the pagan courts, and disorders in their church meetings. It seems that a conflict had developed between the Corinthian church and its founder, Paul. The gospel as a contradiction to human wisdom 2:5 3. This extended to such fundamental doctrines as the Resurrection (ch. "Talk shows" would have been very popular in Corinth.

Paul had first arrived in Corinth from Athens, which lay to the east. Every evil thing in the church to which Paul referred was prevalent in Corinth. One of the symptoms of Corinthian cultural influence was intellectual freedom.

In Corinth he preached the gospel and planted a church. There was much interest in intellectual speculation in Corinth, as there was in its neighbor city of Athens.

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These factors led Paul to compose another letter: "1 Corinthians." In it he dealt with the problem of factions, promised to visit them soon, and said he was sending Timothy to Corinth (chs. Paul also included his responses to the Corinthians' questions about what he had previously written. 56), and then with the questions that the Corinthian believers had written to him (chs. Thus 1 Corinthians is an "occasional" epistle, namely, one occasioned by certain real situations. There was internal strife in the church, as the epistle makes clear. The Spirit's ministry of revealing God's wisdom 2:6-16 4. Another evidence that "the city" had invaded the church was the moral laxity that prevailed.

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