Dating a paralyzed person

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Fortunately, there are some men, a few men, who don’t see the wheelchair at all. He had a mid-life crisis and ran off with another woman—sigh: Yes, the cliché applies to the disabled and able-bodied alike.*** Outside a jazz bar in Denver on Labor Day weekend, 1983, my friend and I met the man she would marry, who introduced me to the man I would subsequently marry. People often asked if I was disabled before we got married.I had been loved for a long time and I want that again, so I tried everything; the Internet, singles events, singles bars, organized singles dance parties (that last one may not have been the best choice for me, all things considered! But my peer group hadn’t shed the negative messages about disabilities that we were all taught as children.At 50, on a business trip to Cairo, I met someone and we really hit it off.

But even some medical professionals were capable of questions like: “Is this really an issue? ” (Ah, there is nothing like rejection in front of a crowd). Together our lives were better, easier than they were apart. And yet, I felt lucky, as if I had been pulled off the seconds shelf.

Then one night I met a man at a concert and the connection was so strong that I thought my life was about to change.

It was wonderful, and scared me, and made me hyper self conscious about being disabled.

Anne Thomas " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=1024" / Recently a friend asked me how my love life was going and I drew a blank. In 1976, at the age of 18, I dropped out of college after three semesters and went hitchhiking alone in Europe—to find myself.

It’s not just that I’m 57: I also live with a disability.

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My one boyfriend in college, a blue eyed, dark haired hunk, raised in Hawaii with the Aloha spirit, told me all women are beautiful no matter how they look. ) With him I learned that approaching sex was easier than I thought it would be. But some of his friends weren’t so enlightened, and asked him if my body was cold like a cadaver. In fact, it was and is as nice and warm as any other living, breathing body).

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