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The stories we heard from women with depression and those who dated them will offer insights as well.

Depression can be a subconscious negative voice in a woman’s head that tells her she is horrible, unworthy of your love.

I began to convince myself this was the best I could get.

That is the danger with failing to enter relationships for the right reasons. I’m open about my struggle with depression (hence the blog) but found it difficult to be vocal about it with someone I liked.

Men with depression experience this, but it tends to be more intense for women because they ruminate on it rather than seeking distractions.

This sometimes makes small issues transform into big stressors.

You’re not sure if you should tell the potential suitor on the first date or wait a couple of dates. In most cases, you want to run back into your cave and never come out. About two years ago I found myself dating a medical student.If their symptoms and happiness are not improving despite your best efforts to help and support, you might believe it’s partially your fault.Separating the idea of you from their depression is the only way to love a woman with depression without resenting her or feeling you are at fault.Adam Weitz has been married to a woman with depression for seven years.One of the many reasons their relationship has remained strong is his effort to understand depression and acknowledge when it is impacting their lives.

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Mc Coy urges people to remind themselves it was not her choice to become depressed, too.