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Tom sat across the lunch table from me, glowing with excitement for his new love. It was obvious that she had touched him and that he was convinced that this was the “real thing.” I quizzed him for details. Remember, your children have gone (or are going) through the same grieving process you did, and they may be at any number of points in the process.

He was less than two months away from a painful divorce, and she was still embroiled in hers. Just like you did (and maybe still do), they may jump wildly to different points. What that means, of course, is that there may come a time when they want to be supportive of your moving on with your life, but they simply can’t bring themselves to support it.

Shortly after he made his decision, Peter and his wife reached agreement and settled their divorce. You should begin to date when you decide it’s time to date. There’s a special role your first love plays after divorce. The first serious relationship you have after divorce will be wonderful, and hopefully you’ll look back on it with pleasure and gratitude.

This volume offers the first collection of a new generation's approaches to Catholic sexual ethics.

L., is an assistant professor of biology and an instructor of theology at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island.

We also have a clause in our separation agreement that states..

"both parties agree to live separate and apart as if single and unmarried" ..

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If he ever asked, I would tell my ex that I was in a relationship, but even that would be limited specifically to answering the question of whether or not I am.

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