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Dating east yorkshire

Whether cycling or strolling from village pubs or taking a more strenuous hike across the dramatic landscapes, East Yorkshire offers a paradise of views, hidden trails and delightful countryside all year round.

At the heart of Yorkshire’s so-called Nature Triangle, 250,000 seabirds including puffins and gannets delight at Bempton and Flamborough Cliffs, and Yorkshire’s very own ‘land’s end’ of Spurn Point remains an iconic wilderness-like landscape with its newly renovated lighthouse and decades of bird migration research.

Two non-coin items were found in the vicinity: a lead musket ball and the rim of a pottery vessel.

The pottery fragment seems to belong to an originally sizable vessel and there is no particular reason to link it to the coins. Two silver units of Iron Age date, one almost complete and one with approximately half remaining.

Other areas of interest include the spectacular Humber Bridge, the ocean discovery of The Deep in Hull and Fort Paull, a military Napoleonic Fort with a labyrinth of tunnels.

Burnby Hall is home to the largest collection of water lilies in Europe.

For the golfer there are championship golf courses to whet the appetite.

Six silver denarii from the same field were reported for consideration as Treasure.

They are as follows:- CATALOGUE (coins 2, 4, and 6 remain fused together; they have a combined weight of 10.11g) 1) Tiberius ( I no. Obvervse: TI CAESAR DIVI-AVG F AVGVSTVS, Laureate head right.

This enables us to have an influential voice when representing the interests of both walkers and lovers of our local countryside.

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The East Yorkshire and Derwent Area of the Ramblers' Association has about seventeen hundred members.