Dating ettiquette

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Which yields more compelling results than if you would have offered a simple yes or no. (You may enjoy this , too.) So, think about the last time someone answered a question in that way. Simply ask yourself the following question, “If everybody did exactly what I said, what would the world look like? Embed your passion into the pavement of your daily encounters. Answering questions creatively, counterintuitively an unexpectedly leads to a higher level of thinking. Which enables both parties to discover their individual truths. In his book, , my friend Dale Furtwengler suggests, “Gain an eclectic education.

So, every time you hear or read a question that makes you react in ANY way, write it down. The more quickly you can connect with your listeners, the more effectively you can communicate in their language, the more insights you can port from other disciplines, the more valuable you become.” Your challenge is to infuse your writing, ideas and conversations with the cool, interesting things you’ve learned through your eclectic education. Explore, elaborate and make connections.” Are you practicing that enough? Expose your mind to things outside your normal areas of interest or discipline. So, when your story is over, don’t just move on to the next story. But beauty of the mind is independent of age and can actually increase with wisdom and experience.” In short: Be Brain Candy. In the opening he states: “As you get older, physical beauty tends to fade. So, by acting childlike, you subconsciously give other people PERMISSION to the same.

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So, if you want to become a master storyteller, my suggestions are: (1) Listen to Story Theater program.