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Dating old stanley planes

Here I've photographed and documented many of the old tools I've collected including Stanley planes from all eras, Coopers tools, Shipwrights tools, levels, drills, layout tools including squares, marking gauges, and more.You'll find everything from old hand tools for sale to copies of tool catalogs, advertisements and maybe even a few reproduction box labels and decals for Stanley tools.Handles were made of beautiful woods such as Brazilian rosewood, chosen for its durability, and the metal surfaces were often highly detailed.This combination means that many of the tools still around today have held up well and can be in demand.I've put together a few pages that contain some work I've done and some very valuable research others have completed.Vintage Tool Advertisements Some pages related to my research of the Harvey W. Includes a biography of Harvey Peace, a history of the company, some examples of their hand saws, and other interesting bits.A collaborative work of Jay Sutherland and Lars Larson, these pages contain information on various types and models of router planes.

In addition to collecting and restoring old American made woodworking machinery, I've also been collecting and antique woodworking tools.

I've owned and used almost every tool Delta manufactured including those that date back to the 1930's... My favorites are those that came on the old art-deco cast iron stands.

There's no comparison between a Delta 6" jointer on a heavy art-deco cast iron base and one on the newer sheet metal stands.

I have been collecting and using antique tools for about 10 years.

I have a special interest in 19th century hand saws, especially those produced by the Harvey W. I'm also interested in researching the history of vintage hand tools.

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