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The Scapegoat Theory is cited frequently as a cause of anti-Semitism.

If Christians and Muslims both claim that they are chosen, then why hasn't this historically generated hatred against them?

Their reasoning is as follows: Hitler, like many totalitarian dictators before him, needed to divert blame for his nation's problems by ascribing them to an innocent victim.

He randomly selected the Jews as his scapegoat and launched a massive defamatory campaign to alienate them from mainstream German society.

The Chinese chose to name their country China because the word means "center of the universe." The name Japan means "source of the sun." For Native Americans, the same word means both "human being" and "Indian" - implying that every non-Indian belongs to some subspecies.

These nations are not hated for having claimed superiority.

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In fact, they believed that the non-Jews among whom they lived were the true chosen people. Clearly, the Chosen People Theory does not pass this litmus test.