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That’s like a science fiction job that I didn’t even know would have existed a few months ago, and now it’s like an add on Linked In, “Help wanted, self-driving car engineer.” But the reason I bring it up in the context of this podcast is look at the success of your podcast. : So a lot of this is 15 years of doing favors and helping people without any expectation back. By doing that, I have no problem giving away–I want to be around the smartest people in the room. It says, “By the way, it’s not the neighbor down the street who hates you for your success. It’s often your closest family members, friends, colleagues, professors and so on, not all of them, but some of them.” I wondered about you. I do feel that growing up definitely almost everyone around me, if they saw that I was succeeding or trying to do something, they would try to knock the wind out of me because I don’t know what it is. If I lose money, like Mark Cuban’s a great example. So internally, I’m not battling against them, which used to fuel me. You’re going to be hanging out with the 20-year-olds at the open mics. I have half a million followers on Linked In who do read my stuff. : So I do look at the numbers to be honest, but I don’t like to be addicted to the numbers. So I try not to get addicted to much to the numbers.

It’s not that you are saying, “I’m Andrew Warner and I’m the only guy who has something unique to say.” What makes your podcast a success and your business a success is you’re curious and you bring on the people you’re curious about, like you mentioned in the intro, somebody can make you curious, but somebody might not make you curious. I’m only going to interrupt because you’ve written a whole post about how you like interrupting because you’re so curious. So when I needed affiliates, there were two people I called who I had worked with let’s say 10 years in the past or 5 years in the past. Who is it in your life that you had to get rid of because they weren’t rooting for you? If I said, “I want to make money,” they would say, “No, money really isn’t everything.” “I didn’t say it’s everything. I wonder if I should have a couple of these negative punks in my life. On the one hand, if you say–this happened to me last night. Is that the scene you really want to spend your time in five nights, six nights a week? I don’t know the download numbers at this moment of my podcast last month. I have no idea how many downloads we got in October. I just want to talk to–I literally wanted to talk to every single one of the people who came to the conference. Just as I was going back to my room, I saw this woman, Pamela Rothenberg sitting there.

And I got an email from James Altucher, a guy who I’ve had here on Mixergy several times. Or, “Since then, I started my own blog.” I don’t think I have enough to talk to you about with your blog, right? : I think everyone always says, “Oh, you have to have something unique to say or unique product or unique value to give other people and then you get paid for it.” That’s sort of true, but I don’t quite believe in that. One of the things that I feel is that we should be really open about our weird eccentricities like that. So, right now, the partner I have who took equity, basically one of the reasons I gave them equity is they helped me with the entire infrastructure of my business like doing the books. : I want to know what products are a) selling well, that’s the basic, but also I want to know what products people are having products with customer service and if there’s any way I can help there and what products are people not renewing. Now I mix it with this new element, and now that creates more content. Now I did a favor for Airbnb–not a favor but we met and now I’m going to speak in two weeks at the Airbnb open in LA. Eric Holder, the former Attorney General is speaking. I wouldn’t have remembered the 10 things I learned. The COO of my company helps other people launch their own newsletters, and he takes cuts of their newsletters. Everybody should do what they can do, as long as they’re doing good things for me. She told me how many emails she sent–I forget what it is, some insane number, like 30 back and forth emails with Arianna Huffington, because apparently you had to interview Arianna Huffington in person. She had been on my podcast before, but it’s not like I was friends with her.

There were a lot of lines in here that got me, including the one that says, “Andrew, my revenues are now million a year.” million for a writer who frankly looks like he lives on a park bench sometimes? And then he says in a later conversation with me, “Andrew, there’s something else I think you should ask me about.” He tells me about how he and his wife split up and it’s something I should ask him about on Mixergy and I go, “This guy is un-freaking-real. And add brand value to that, which Apple had and you’ve got to deliver. : So how did you hire people that could do that well? I’ve tried to find people to create these landing pages. And let me say, this person, her name is Jamie, for six years she’s been trying to get me to do a newsletter. Finally I said yes when we developed a friendship over those years, so I really learned to trust her and she learned to trust me. I went on like your 300th or one of your special centennial episodes. I want to see the income statement to see how much revenue we brought in. He said, “There’s nothing I can do about it.” He had basically no money, and this woman took whatever little he had. So what you want is an organization you can trust that can actually get the job done, and I believe you need more than one person on the job. In fact, I’m going to give you a special URL– They will get them in order, and then you could once a month take a look a them and know exactly where you stand. You understand who you are, you understand how you want to live your life, you’re actually in touch with your old broken feelings enough to talk about them, which means that maybe you’re distant from them. Michelangelo said inside every block of marble there’s a David, Michelangelo’s David. Don’t be arrogant and say, “They’re only going to find me on Medium, or they’re only going to find me on Facebook and that’s it.” Or, “You’re only going to find me on my blog.” : No. They take my stuff, and they come up with all the websites that it should be. I have podcast editors editing the podcast, as maybe you do. I love writing and I love storytelling and I think the reason I build up an audience is because I’m curious just like everyone else, “What is going on? But those bestselling books that sold millions of copies were initially collections of blog posts. I’m getting such in the weeds here, but it’s interesting to me. Let’s say I write something on Facebook that’s like really personal and might not be appropriate for Linked In.

How we spend money and how we save it can tell us about the things we value, which is helpful to know about a person.

So I got much more focused on the bottom line this year. I don’t remember all the details even though they live with me. Move her to Florida.” : If you don’t have a friend whose son dated someone who can do your development work on your site and you actually need someone who can really think creatively, I’m going to tell you this James, you can file it away in that memory of yours and maybe at some point it will come out, but I’m also telling it to the audience. So now when a company wants to hire a great developer and they happen not to be Google, not to be Facebook, they can tap into Toptal, say, “Toptal, here’s the way we work. Find me a great developer who works with the languages we use, who works with our crazy office experience or Slack or however it is we do it.” The only thing Toptal will not find is someone who will come sit in your office every day. You’ve heard me talk about people like Derek Johnson, who I interviewed here on Mixergy who heard me talk about Toptal, who hired a Toptal developer who then his CTO said, “This guy is as good as I am,” and was really happy. If you want to try it for yourself, here’s what I suggest you do.

And this year, we’ll do probably, I don’t know, million in revenue, but we’ll do over million in earnings. : I’m thinking now I should be doing this too, like what did I learn from having my conversation with you? I decided to code because I love code, but I don’t love being in traffic.” What they end up doing is traveling the world, and many of them apply to work for Toptal because Toptal says, “Work wherever you want. The rest we don’t care about.” Toptal then gets the best of the best because they go through an insane training, not training but selection process and they have them in their network. They’re going to give you someone fantastic, because a good developer won’t just do what you need her to do, will actually think creatively and come up with a solution to your problem and then go create that.

So this is like years and years of building up demand for your knowledge by building a free platform, and then you come up with extra value that based on my curiosity of how are people making money right now, I have products on how to be an entrepreneur. I have products for how to– : The most expensive one is ,500 or ,000 for a lifetime. If Warren Buffett buys IBM at–I’m going to make up a number–0 a share and it falls down to , that’s a good stock to buy. There are always ways for me to find out why someone bought something. Part one is, in 2015, for that particular product, the high end product, I worked with 82 different companies, all companies with good email lists that were different than my email list. Not that millions of dollars is not serious income, but the income gets serious once you get the renewals going. : By the way, every day I give free things to my list. You need to have the software in place to give them their payments. I always assume it’s chess and reading books, but it could be something else. I’m a very strong believer in experiences are greater than material goods. So I don’t know if you’ve seen my blog posts about this. I own a computer, an i Pad, and a phone and a bag to put everything in. With Airbnb, you could stay at a multimillion dollar apartment in New York City for let’s say 0 or 0 a night. And the money I would have spent on owning I can spend on investing in myself, on learning, on traveling, studying new things, not dealing with the time spent in maintaining a house or even a rental. It’s your curiosity delivers value, not the other way around.

Warren Buffett is like my free intern, and he tells me, “Hey, this is a good stock at 0 and now it’s at .” Thank you free intern. I’m going to buy it at a 20% discount to what you just told me. Every company has various techniques for gathering an email list and I’ll give between 50% to 80% of the product. And then I gave a year for free, which is why revenues go down for this year. : By the way, this is a very classic model, but you have to build it up in a very authentic way. There’s another affiliate, Stansberry and Associates. Even if they never buy a product from me at all, they come to my list not for the products, but they know I’m going to be authentic about the products they offer, but also I still give out my highest value for free. I’m wondering how did you put this–what does the organization look like to do that and then how did you put it together? : It’s more than that though for you, because you will pick a point of the podcast that you find interesting.

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So next time your date makes a remark about the overpriced drinks or tells you about how he splurged on an awesome vacation, use that as a jumping off point to discuss money personalities and what you each like to spend money on.“What are your hobbies?

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  1. looking for some cool burner types (a person or a group) to go to fun stuff with, especially at the Juggling Gypsy. Ended up cheating on my wife with a guy in the 2nd year of my marriage. Is there a place for good manners even in a hook-up? Believes in treating a woman with respect and dignity.