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Dave plank dating whom

It is the night of the big fight - Bonnie Gold versus Goliath.

But as the bell rings and the crowd goes wild, dangers lurk in the shadows for Tommy Shelby and his family.

When Changretta plays his final ace, he sets in motion a series of events that will change the Peaky Blinders forever.

While working two seemingly connected murders, the division suddenly uncovers a series of sexual assaults against servers from Tackles.

Boxing Day sees heavy snowfall covering the country and the adverse weather causes major disruption across Poplar as roads become blocked and pipes freeze meaning families have to queue outside for water from standpipes.

Sister Julienne must inform a family about the death of their loved one and uncovers an uncomfortable truth, while Valerie helps an unmarried couple living in a caravan prepare for their baby, but unforeseen complications knock her confidence in her ability as a midwife. In this festive 40-minute episode of Ben Eltons Shakespearean situation comedy, Will has promised his wife Anne that he will be home in good time for a quiet Christmas with just the family.

When Santa takes Flynn, Baird and Jenkins on his first vacation in centuries, he leaves his beloved sleigh in the care of the Librarians.

But when Ezekiels career criminal mother steals the magic door, they must use the sleigh to save her, as well as Christmas itself, from Santas Grinch of a brother, the Patron Saint of Thieves.

Hondo and the SWAT team are forced to work over their Christmas vacation when a drug cartel is out for blood after their cache of gold bars is stolen.

But can she convince Nicole to forgive the Library and return home with her?

Or, will Nicole open Bairds eyes to the dangers of a Guardian dedicating herself, heart and soul, to the Library?

As a new theory about the killer gathers steam, however, an unexpected twist throws Major Crimes off course and Sharon Raydor off- balance.

When Arthur suddenly decides to run against Fawz in a local election, his campaign manager, Franco, tries to help his boss bring home a win.

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