Does updating bios remove raid Peepshow nude chat free cams

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Does updating bios remove raid

If you have recently updated your system BIOS to the version below please update again to the new version available on Dell Support Site to resolve the issue.

Caution: It is recommended that customers do not install a demoted BIOS, for any reason, even if they have a local copy.

and for my other two drives which are RAID1 having my data, can i just connect those and will they be recognized as RAID1 and just show up in windows?

The BIOS revisions listed below have been found to cause an error with Bit Locker where it will not enable/resume when TPM is in TPM 2.0 mode.

thanks, lesson learned about what you said in bold.

i sort of figured that going in with the bios update but also knew if things went horribly wrong it was just an hour wasted and i reinstall windows. i have to troubleshoot more but in the raid screen during POST it seems to give me no options to correct the problem.

I have two, non-default BIOS option settings that I must have, so I am accustomed to setting them again (via a profile) after a BIOS update.

FYI, the Windows BIOS update method is the least reliable, Instant Flash is the preferred method.

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Sorry to say, but this is all BIOS update 101 and RAID 101 material.