Face to face sexy chat

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Encourage those lovin' feelings in him by doing something sweet but sap-free, like ordering him a meat-loaded pizza or snuggling up on the couch to watch his team play...minus the whiny commentary. He Has Something to Hide If your man pauses midsentence and the tip of his tongue protrudes through his closed lips — almost as if he's sticking out his tongue — there's a chance he's self-censoring."Guys appreciate it when you do something with them that they love even though it's not your thing, because it shows you're willing to put their needs first," says Levkoff. "This reflex signals the speaker is feeling anxious, which is often how people feel when they're afraid they'll leak information," says Givens."Then when he seems more relaxed, return to whatever the topic of conversation was beforehand and he will be more likely to spill."He's Totally Whipped You may already know, or at least sense, that your guy digs you, but there's a subtle way his face will tip you off that he's feeling extra smitten.While looking at you, he'll tilt his head and slightly shrug his shoulder on the same side.So while you may be tempted to coax the thought out of him, this strategy can backfire.He'll become annoyed if you get impatient trying to pull the words from his mouth. "This signal is telling you that he wants to say something," says Givens.This type of teasing will only heighten his anticipation." Once you're alone, make sure you follow through on those titillating promises you made..throw in a few surprises.He Has Something to Tell You If you're chatting with your man and you notice him pursing or puckering his lips several times in succession, take note.

But one thing is certain: When your guy turns his head to the right or left midconversation so you're talking to him in profile, he's in no mood to chat.

"Whisper some sexy compliment or all the naughty things you're going to do to him when you get home, or lean in and blow lightly in his ear to stimulate the ultrasensitive area near his eardrum," says sexologist Logan Levkoff.

"Then go back to mingling with your friends as if nothing happened.

"Men require space in order to maintain their sense of independence, which is a central component to their identity," says Gratch.

"Often, they want to feel as though they've dealt with a particular issue on their own without any assistance from a significant other."Translation: Getting in his face will only serve to push him further away.

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