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In that sense you could call me both a PUA and a feminist and I'm happy to accept both titles.” She copy and pasted men's game for women, as if they have the same nature.Not only will women find it very hard to approach random men, but those men will be weirded out by a behavior that attractive women simply never have to do.Game for men can help them date up, but game for women almost certainly means not much more than a higher notch count. The best advice for women still can be attributed to Roissy: "Lower your standards and learn to settle." If this woman, Alexandra, approached me, I know and have seen too much to say yes.That being said: She doesn't need to approach anyone if she looks this good.And the ones who teach women are way too “soft” and “touchy feely”. What David teaches resonates so well with women that they often assist him in his coaching process – and they personally use his advice to meet high-caliber men, without the years of agony and frustration most women struggle through.She’s worked in the dating industry for seven years, coached thousands of women and men, been the dating expert on The Apprentice and Made In Chelsea."Exist in public and choose your favorite among those that approach you." To be fair to her I've seen her at parties, only weird ugly schmucks approach her.She friendzones the best of those guys, a couple of them seem like decent fellows, those poor bastards.

But no matter; in a progressive age, the coach will make a few bucks out of it and her clients will feel "empowered." While we know that game for men cannot be switched to game for women, the mere act of a woman approaching a man actually helps her get laid with a man. She has to be pretty, but if a woman does a bit of work for the man to getting her into the sack then that isn't going to discourage the man. Given what we know of women's predilection towards Alphas we also know women will be approaching on only the top men, men who generally have plenty of options.The guys might fuck them, might even date them, but they won't readily value what they didn't work for, and the men will cheat opportunistically.She copy and pasted men's game for women, as if they have the same nature.‘Advice like “don’t approach him, don’t respond to his messages quickly, don’t tell him that you’re looking for a serious relationship, don’t be needy” is so 2006. ‘We’re playing defensive because we don’t want him to reject us.I’m asking women to embrace their own importance and empowerment. ‘Women challenge patriarchal or sexist practices in many other areas of our lives but we’re failing to look at love and dating through that mechanism.

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