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Here you can see Kate and William receiving garlands of flowers and plants from a woman from one of these tribes.She is wearing her native clothes, which include being topless, and as you can see from Kate’s face, it’s a bit overwhelming when you’re not used to this kind of attire!We’ve all had a few too many, and then someone gets snap happy.Kate is clearly having a fun night out with her girlfriends, and didn’t expect to get confronted by the paparazzi, not this moment anyway!She is having tons of fun, about to hit the volleyball back over the net, enjoying the sport completely and lost in play.Little does she know that the ball might land more awkwardly that she expected, right on her face to be exact!She is caught just as she drunkenly gets out a cab, looking dressed up to the nines, but definitely not her usual composed self! Her strong set eyebrows and her firm jaw are not happy, that’s for certain, so we would think that she doesn’t know that this photo is being taken. When part of your job is to travel around the world and speak to people from different cultures, you can’t get it right all the time.

As it turns out, the lovely lady is good for more than fashion faux-pas in front of her relatively recently acquired paparazzi entourage.

This woman just became an internet obsession for being totally poised and looking beautiful.

You can’t help but be amazed at how stunning this woman is.

So she can’t really be blamed for embarrassing photos of her past, before she ever even met the Prince.

This one shows her strutting her stuff in a strange sheer bikini outfit, with some kind of curly dreadlocks as her hair style. Every woman has been here before, when your high heels get stuck in some kind of grate or hole on the sidewalk. Kate is laughing, perhaps nervously, as she reaches down to sort out the problem, and one of the people around gallantly helps her retain her balance as she manoeuvres herself free from the ground.

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It is indeed a dream of every woman to marry a prince.

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