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You don’t want that.” Then he whispered to me in confidence, “Look at Brian over there; he didn’t find one, so alcohol found him. That’s why we call him ‘Flush’; it’s after the poker hand and what he’s doing with his life—flushing it down the toilet. ” I nodded in complete understanding and asked, “What did you find? For reasons I could never figure out, I was never very successful with the ladies.Not to ‘blow my own whistle’, but I am better than just average looking; I’m in perfect shape since I am a firefighter, and I was always really nice to everyone.I felt a little disheartened at where my life had gone in the ‘romance’ department, but there were worse things in the world.It didn’t take long for me to figure out that a lot of people are not at all who they say they are, and I was quick to learn how to weed them out from the honest ones.That doesn't necessarily mean that the other party will "win" them, however.

Cherry the Cheerleader Chapter 1 No one grows up to have the exact life they had imagined for themselves as a kid.

Sometimes we stake money and sometimes the stakes are less tangible.

In fiction, however, it's perfectly okay to bet in a game of chance.

’ It took several years of being a fireman before the dream began to fade.

I still loved my work, but I slowly realized that it wasn’t going to find me love.

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And that was something else that hadn’t worked out as planned—my bank account balance didn’t exactly have a lot of digits in front of the decimal point! I had gone to the gym as per usual and put in a quick 2 hour work out before going back to my small apartment.

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  1. European appearances include Rigoletto (Gilda) with Deutsche Oper Berlin, Semiramide (title role) at Bayerische Staatsoper and Die Zauberflöte (Queen of the Night) at the Salzburg Festival.