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When dealing with freelancers it always comes down to the negotiation.

In a place like Mexico the line between a strip club and a brothel can be crossed at any minute. There are plenty of both, at the brothels in Puerto Vallarta you shouldn’t expect there to be girls dancing nude on stage.

If you are looking for a sure thing they are good places to go. Well that depends because they are all freelancers.

It will be up to the negotiation, and the prices can vary widely.

There are some spots where they will be more highly concentrated, but many of them will just put themselves out in the nightlife.

That means you might be hitting on a Mexican girl at a club thinking she is a non pro, and then eventually she asks how much will you pay her.

Meeting prostitutes online is a growing trend all over the world.

Make sure that any girl you meet is at least 18 years old.A guy who has traveled abroad in similar places may pick up on this early, noobs may never realize it until the question comes.The main area for nightlife is ‘downtown’ and there will be many girls at the bars, nightclubs, and on the streets here.That means you pay the bar 200 pesos to allow the waitress to leave with you, and then you negotiate the rest of the price with the sexy Latina girl.Golden Boy and Los Tejabanes are two bars where you can do this.

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