How to run a dating agency business

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How to run a dating agency business

The hearing followed two chaotic days when the rival appointees claimed to lead the bureau. Meanwhile, English said too she was busy running the department.

On Tuesday, Mulvaney started a new Twitter account — @CFPBdirector — and posted a picture of himself at a desk with an American flag in the background. “Today, I plan on spending the day at CFPB headquarters taking calls and meetings with external stakeholders and bureau staff,” English said in a statement Tuesday.

Arguing for the government, Brett Shumate, deputy assistant attorney general for federal programs, said that the Federal Vacancies Act, enacted in 1988, gave the president the authority to appoint Mulvaney, citing a Friday memorandum by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, and a memo distributed Monday by the bureau’s current general counsel.

In denying English’s request for a temporary restraining order, U. English, represented by former CFPB litigation counsel Deepak Gupta, indicated she would pursue an injunction.

Kelly, a Trump appointee who joined the federal court in Washington in September, ruled after departing chief Richard Cordray resigned Friday and promoted English, his chief of staff, to deputy director and named her his successor as acting director.

English also argued that a sitting White House head of the Office of Management and Budget could not hold two hats by simultaneously heading the independent financial regulator.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brett Shumate had argued that Trump had authority under an earlier law, the 1998 Presidential Vacancies Reform Act, and cited supporting opinions by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel and the CFPB’s general counsel.

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