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This approach is very drastic and one I wouldn't recommend, but it is effective.

SQL Server eliminates the need for either of these offensive practices.

As for Access 20, it is virtually the only way to implement security as the old User-Level security paradigm was abandoned in ACCDB files.

(This sort of thing is also very difficult to debug!On the other hand, if you do have SQL Server, there's very little reason not to consider migrating your Access Databases. Capacity Microsoft Access files, be they MDB or ACCDB, have a maximum capacity of 2 gigabytes, minus the space needed for system objects.Not all custom-made Access applications easily lend themselves to a SQL Server solution so you'll need to do some analysis before choosing a migration path. The work-around for exceeding this limit is to use multiple data files, and this is indeed an adequate solution when the required capacity is only a handful of GBs.As a rule, I don't consider this method to be that valuable when you are migrating a complex application.The other methods we will discuss perform more of the "grunt work" for you. Access Upsize Wizard Most likely, you'll use the Access Upsize Wizard that lives in the Microsoft Access user interface.


However, once your data reaches tens or hundreds of gigabytes, Access files are no longer a viable solution.