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The opposing view, known variously as the Indigenous Aryans theory (IAT) and the Out of India theory (OIT), rejects the AIT/IAMT (henceforth AIT).

First propounded by Max Müller, the AIT has been regarded as self-evident since the 19th century.These advances in genetics, as well as new archaeological investigations, have brought forth new evidence and presented us with new facts. Sarkar et al’s study found that the Sarasvati was a mighty river along which Indian civilization’s earliest settlements were founded.It states that the monsoon declined monotonically after 5,000 BCE, gradually weakening the Sarasvati, which is known to have eventually dried out to a large extent around 1,500 BCE.The interrelated fields of population genetics, comparative genetics, archaeo-genetics, genomics, and genotyping have made it possible to gain an unprecedented insight into the nature of human genetic diversity. Radiocarbon dating has demonstrated that Bhirrana, a site on the banks of the now-defunct Sarasvati River, existed in the 6th millennium BCE (8,000 years before present).These are rapidly evolving disciplines, which, in the coming years and decades, will revolutionize our understanding of how our species evolved. A more recent study proves that Bhirrana and other settlements in the Sarasvati valley are at least 9,500 years old, and possibly older [1].

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If the Rig Veda is mythology, then so are Herodotus‘ fanciful and inaccurate Histories. Lal, whose distinguished career spanned more than half a century, refutes the AIT, based on his extensive archaeological discoveries and research. ”, Professor Lal gives extensive archaeological evidence that many of the traditions and customs prevalent in the Sindhu-Sarasvati civilization continue to exist in modern India [2].

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