Is ruby gettinger dating denny

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Is ruby gettinger dating denny

She stopped attending college and found even the simplest of actions to be difficult like lifting a can of soda.She spent most of her time sleeping and pain was a constant.She sent videotapes to a friend who worked in the Style Network.

As she progressed, Gettinger realized that her journey was more than for the sake of losing weight.With the help of her friends and inspired by Helen Keller, she documented her journey on video to record her personal progress and for self motivation.She never waited for New Year or any other specific date and time to change her lifestyle, she started immediately.Her trainers got her into walking on the treadmill, boxing, weight-lifting, and dancing as part of her exercise routine.Viewers also get a glimpse of Gettinger’s devoted and fun-loving family and friends.

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Gettinger claimed that she doesn’t remember anything prior to reaching 13 years of age, other than persistent nightmares of someone who wanted to kill her.