James roday dating

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James roday dating

RELATED: ABC star recalls tearful shoot in San Antonio airport Their conflicts make for juicy drama. “Our relationship is awesome,” Gonzalez, 41, said of the 25-year-old Highmore.

Highmore, too, said he looks forward to the fireworks escalating. “Freddie may come across as this sweet, English gentleman, but he has a dark side. He has a way of playing it off with this innocent face. It’s really funny.” Also a help in this particular role, Gonzalez said, is being from a family of doctors, which gives him a jump on the other actors when spouting the series’ complicated medical dialogue.

Neil Melendez, who both admires and butts heads with a brilliant young doctor with autism and savant syndrome. ” “The Good Doctor,” from “House” creator David Shore, debuts at 9 p.m. 25 in an enviable time slot, right after ABC’s reality hit “Dancing with the Stars.” “They say it takes 20 years to become a professional,” Gonzalez said in a one-on-one interview in the Beverly Hilton Hotel following a group Q&A with TV critics.The latter requires him to occasionally bare the six-pack that made him such a fan favorite in early roles as a gardener on “The O.C.” and a boxer on Showtime’s “Resurrection Blvd.” “The shirt comes off by the third episode,” teased Gonzalez, adding that the circumstance is a bed scene with Garrett.In fact, Gonzalez’s character shares one of the best scenes in the pilot with Dr. dad tears up over 'baby girl's' big Teen Choice Awards night “You don’t belong here,” he says. “When I read this script, had this opportunity, I felt this is the culmination of everything I’ve been doing.Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) when they verbally spar in the operating room. “You’re very arrogant,” Murphy replies in his trademark blunt manner. The hard knocks along the way, the lessons I’ve had to learn about myself as a person, a husband and a father.” RELATED: S. chef back for more Gordon Ramsay TV abuse Executive producer Daniel Dae Kim, whom most know from his starring role on “Lost,” mentioned Gonzalez by name, in fact, when talking about the impressive performances in “The Good Doctor.” Although Gonzalez is no stranger to recurring and guest parts in both dramas and comedies — including the final season of “Pretty Little Liars” and the upcoming season of drug-trafficking Netflix drama “Narcos” — his co-starring role here is truly something special, he said.

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“The Good Doctor” “It’s nice to be saving people after years of killing them,” British actor Freddie Highmore says of the brilliant surgeon role that follows his intense turn as the disturbed Norman Bates of “Bates Motel.” In this medical drama from “House” creator David Shore, Highmore’s character, Shaun Murphy, may be just as complicated, however, and tormented.

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