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"It's like painting with a whole bunch of new colors." The Zac Brown Band 3 time Grammy Award winners, is not going anywhere. This release compiles, for the first time ever, all of the 1954-62 studio recordings featuring Peggy Lee backed by formations led by the great Benny Carter, or singing Carter’s arrangements.

"Sir Rosevelt can go to a lot of new places," says Brown. She had a 6 decade career as singer songwriter and actress and was the personification of understatement, known for her alluring, delicately husky voice and reserved style and her seemingly casual, laid-back style belied her meticulous preparation for each performance.

Dreams are an essential part of the musical world and despite having been firmly involved in Sweden’s highly fertile prog rock scene in the ‘70s, Roine Stolt (Kaipa, The Tangent, Transatlantic) was still harbouring dreams of maximum creative fulfilment when he arrived in the ‘90s, guitar in hand and a head full of sublime musical ideas.

The set will also include a new interview with band leader Roine Stolt by journalist Dom Lawson.

1) 2 Dream On Dreamer 3 Rumble Fish Twist 4 Monster Within 5 Chicken Farmer Song 6 Underdog 7 You Don't Know What You've Got 8 Slave To Money 9 A King‘s Prayer 10 I Am The Sun (Pt.

I desired to record songs I have always wanted to do.

Stan Getz was on tour in Brazil in 1961 when he first heard ‘Bossa Nova’ the new regional rhythm which was taking the country by storm. It also proved to be one of a handful of albums that helped to kick-start and underpin a worldwide resurgence for adventurous, symphonic rock music that is still gaining momentum over two decades later.

The end-result was a solo album, “The Flower King”, which struck such a resounding chord with a small but growing number of prog fans around the planet.

‘Jazz Samba Encore’, recorded in early 1963 saw him return to a small group but this time utilised the talents of Brazilian musicians Luiz Bonfa and Antonio Carlos Jobim. S first new studio album in 10 years and is replete with a heavy list of who’s who of hip-hops finest featured on the track listings. From the nascent splendour of 1995’s “Back In The World Of Adventures” onwards, Stolt and his merry prog rock men have been an unwavering force for artistic good: symphonic rock warriors waging a war against mindless trends and the dark forces of boring music.

Getz was determined to be the one to break the sound to American ears and on 13th February 1962 recorded ‘Jazz Samba’, the first in a series of albums he recorded using the seductive Brazilian rhythm. After the stripped down sound of the first album, Getz went ‘Big Band Bossa Nova’ later that year with a much larger ensemble. You can find the proof of what happened next within this lavish, generously proportioned box set containing the first half of The Flower Kings’ extraordinary catalogue of immersive, immaculate studio albums.

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The answer to this is in the quality of the B-sides, which are every bit as good as the better-known A-sides. When plugged in and played they tapped into an unearthly Martian scale with the power to raise Edgar Allan Poe from the dead! Serpent Power make 21st century psychedelia that takes its cues from no-one, and is powered only by the twisted wheels of their own imagination.