Kaleidoscope dating cheats

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The only game that gives you anywhere near a respectable sum of money is the matching game, and even this averages out at a little over 100 dollars per play.

If she successfully finds a soul mate within 30 “dream cycles,” (effectively days) she is able to leave the realm and regain her voice.Brofist Featured By Owner Oct 10, Unlike Winter Dance Sim Datethough, these odd bits aren't merely blurted and forgotten; they get brought up again in dialogue, and overall, it's hard to point out anything as completely irrelevant.Hello, can you kaleidoscope dating simulation walkthrough me where i can get the BG music from?After Soffie helps him return to his human form, he is very appreciative and offers her favors in return.Like Gage, Cero likes to paint, but he is here solely for inspiration rather than for some tragic reason like everyone else.

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She has a bubbly and sweet personality, and is very feminine (as is clear from her appearance, attitude, and love of “girly” pursuits like shopping).