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Lonely adult chat

I kissed my way up her body, over her soft, toned stomach.

I stopped to tease her bully button piercing with my tongue before working my way up to her perfect tits.

I peered inside, making sure she was okay and what I saw was breathtakingly amazing.

She lay on her bed in front of her large vanity mirror; fully naked and softly moaning as she played with her shaved pussy.

Her stream continued for a few moments, my face and chest-dripping wet when she finally stopped.

I leant in and gently kissed and licked at her pussy, lapping up her juices as she lay back trying to catch her breath.

I licked up a sweet mixture of her cum and squirt juices making her sigh in pleasure.

When she had finally caught her breath again, she eased me off her pussy.

She knew exactly how to please her little brother, guided by our sibling bond. " Hearing my sister moan those words to me, while completely naked in front of me, it was too much. My hand was a blur just inches from her face before my body relented and released all my pent up sexual frustrations all over my beautiful sister.I stood back and watched for a few minutes as the gorgeous blonde with ocean blue eyes finger fucked herself, while teasing her perky B cup breasts. " I was so nervous that night, I kept stumbling on my words.Just watching and listening, I could feel my shaft getting harder and harder, until it was rock hard and pushing at the briefs I was wearing. Rosie barely noticed me as she continued to rub herself, her moaning continuing. "Just take off your clothes and kneel down just here." She patted a spot on the floor between the mirror and her bed and then watched as I stripped for her.It was already dripping wet, when my lips first met it.I felt her body shudder as my lips glanced off of her clit.

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When she did finally notice me, she looked shocked and worried at my presence before relaxing and smiling brightly at me. I took my shirt off, showing off my slowly developing 6-pack before pulling down my briefs and exposing my 7-inch shaft to her. I had barely nodded my agreement when I felt her hands moving through my hair to a position at the back of my head.

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