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British movie stars don't come much bigger than Jude Law, who has starred in a string of Hollywood films, including The Aviator, Alfie, Road to Perdition and AI: Artificial Intelligence, while collecting Oscar nominations for his roles in The Talented Mr Ripley and Cold Mountain.

His love life is also the source of endless media fascination, but what few of us know is the family background that might have propelled Jude to his current stardom.

The first episode focuses on Johnny Cash (Kevin Fonteyne), who came up on the country side; Elvis Presley (Drake Milligan), whose musical taste ran from Dean Martin to black gospel choirs; and Phillips, who heard these new sounds in his head and was desperately trying to figure out how he could harness them and turn it into a living.

He began by finding black Southern singers like one-man band Joe Hill Louis and making recordings he sold to rhythm and blues labels.

The two backgrounds could not have been more different.

At the time of Emily's birth in 1911, her father, James Tagg, was a horse keeper in Limehouse in the East End of London.

Or was he the product of the Tagg military upbringing?Margaret's family tree is relatively easy to trace.Her father, John Clifford Heyworth, latterly worked as a shopkeeper in Lancashire, and his father, John Willie Heyworth, was a master brush-maker in Bacup, employing several men.It would appear that he had followed in his father's footsteps: John Law was a bread- and biscuit-maker based in Lambeth, south London, having moved from Edinburgh with his Scottish wife, Mary Ann, to set up a business.This raises an interesting debate about "nature'' versus "nuture''.

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