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And next year we hope to be able to book a room overlooking the test and have our meals served while reporting it - on this occasion two sandwiches kindly contributed by one of the officials undoubtedly saved the writer's life, for that dinner of the night before seemed a long way away ! But, his passenger appeared not to have been told of his intention to take the test in his own way ! Exceptionally polished was Cunningham in another XK120, especially his sensible stifling of wheel-spin in restarting. Sanders was poor with a Sunbeam-Talbot with no official number boards, its big-ends sounding loose, while Brown in a similar car seemed also to have no oil on these vital surfaces and, after making an S-bend of his own, had three noisy attempts at engaging gear. The first car we saw on the hill was Marsh's Healey, which was very well handled but its time spoilt by wheel-spin. Davis and his wife, in bobble hats, went through splendidly in an Austin Healey 100, and C. Kirman handled his old-style Humber Snipe very well for such a large car, but was just outside the 30-sec. Read's Ford Zephyr emphasised the fearful rear wheel judder and spin these cars can suffer uphill, Gibson braked for the turn in his Bristol and was cautious, Hooper's Sunbeam-Talbot went the wrong way, and Armitage was clumsy with the Armstrong-Siddeley. II), going close to the pylon, was very fast, blipping his throttle, if a bit untidy, Gibson started in the wrong manner but determinedly found the right route, if the wrong time in his M. wearing its CD plaque, Edwards was steady in his Javelin, Marshall's Morris-Oxford went the wrong way and was very slow as well. Taylor's Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire and Boyle's Mk. V Jaguar both started slowly up the gradient but were steady performers. Johnson (Allard) looked worried in swinging into the side road between pylon and lamp-post but did it satisfactorily, Tyldesley was only fair, crunching in his Austin's cogs, and Hartley's Jaguar was slow in climbing and restarting. Morris Minor tricky to get started and his very good effort was spoilt by excessive wheel-spin. Morris Minor was in much the same difficulty and went the wrong way into the bargain. Lucas (Jaguar) was extremely neat, Done (Standard Eight) outstanding although rolling back, and Miss Bratt in a muddy Mk. Brinkman almost reversed into the wall in her Austin A90, restarting badly. Milton (Riley) didn't hurry, Sayers (Hillman) ran back on the hill and made a very poor get-away, Lt.-Col. II) could have driven more neatly, Holland (Sunbeam-Talbot) flexed a front tyre as he locked over while reversing, Lanz (Sunbeam-Talbot) emulated him, Richards (Sunbeam-Talbot) monnted the kerb, Griffith (Sunbeam-Talbot 90 Mk. Why nobody can come up with a bendy arm system for this that looks like the anime is beyond me.

To see how modern cars tackled Bwlch-y-Groes, that famous Welsh Pass near Dolgelley which the small cars of 1924 were made to climb twice in a week during the Six Days' Trial, we drove almost non-stop from London in the MOTOR SPORT Type 35 Frazer-Nash- B. Even so, the moderns, saloons with heaters whirring and sports cars with hoods and side curtains erect, came up slowly, a Sunbeam Alpine pausing momentarily near the top. ) somewhat restored circulation and we duly arrived in not too bad fettle at Hastings. In this, a driver had to start on a quite severe gradient, wet in the morning, turn into a side road, reverse out and restart to ascend the hill. Lewis' Austin A90 Atlantic all but set its tyres on fire with spin, King's TD M. Thompson spoilt an effective run in finding his way about the gear gate of his accessory-bedecked, near-vintage Alvis Silver Eagle, the old car itself never faltering, and Blair's Morgan Plus Four was outstandingly good.

So this iteration of Boss Borot is brought to you by Evolution Toy, purveyors of fine magnemo toys.

I'd like to tell you this is different, but it's not. The box is your typical thin Evolution toy packaging. One of the big challenges of making a Boss Borot toy is how to handle the arms.

In this test Maunder's old Hudson Terraplane surprised us by the power of its anchors, Milner's Sunbeam-Talbot slid on locked, smoking tyres, a new Standard Eight found stopping difficult and Fox (Allard) was another who seemed to possess poor brakes.

A fellow journalist had conveyed us there and our tired condition was not the sole reason for remarking on the comfort of the hammock seats in his 2 c.v. We finally set off for home, getting almost irrevocably lost in that part of the country which isolates Surrey from Hampshire in the neighbourhood of Guildford.

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From seven starting points about the British Isles competitors converged on Harrogate and then followed a common route to the finish at hospitable Hastings.