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CNNC is also the main operator in the fuel cycle back end, evidenced by a series of agreements with Areva for a reprocessing plant.That in November 2015 was part of a wider agreement in relation to all aspects of the fuel cycle, and foreshadowing an intention to take equity in Areva NC (now Areva New Co), in connection with evolving agreements to build a reprocessing plant based on Areva technology.

An underground uranium mine at Hengyang in Hunan is on stand-by.It aims to free up international trade and bring about better logistics.Early in 2012 CGN-URC changed its name to CGNPC-Nuclear Fuel Co Ltd (CGNPC-NFC) to reflect its wider interest in all front-end fuel cycle aspects, but this name change did not persist.Increasingly, other stages of the fuel cycle will be indigenous.Uranium demand in 2020 is expected to be over 11,000 t U (with 58 reactors operating), in 2025 about 18,500 t U (for 100 reactors) and in 2030 about 24,000 t U (for 130 reactors).

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CNNC is the only current supplier of domestic uranium.

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