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Mpd database not updating

Matteo severity 768094 important tags 768094 patch thanks This is also happening to me.

This may take some time to complete – based on size of your music collection.

Before continuing into the article, a word of warning. If you are a casual desktop linux user with zero geek genes, stay away from this player. But then again, ‘casual desktop linux user’ – that sounds like a contradiction in terms. Create a file ‘.mpdconf’ in your home folder and enter the following in it…

The very fact that you are reading this means that you are a geek. The ‘music_directory'(“~/Songs” in our example) must point to the folder where you keep your music.

* Import Upstream version 0.19.9 (closes: #776810, #769436, #767684, #768094) * Update copyright years * Remove (now) unrecognized option to disable mp4v2 * Remove db_file check in init script, as mpd can use a remote db now (closes: #775695 - thanks Leandro Noferini!

) * Also disable socket when disabling the systemd service (closes: #769951) * Protect /usr when running under systemd (closes: #771634) * Allow parallel build Checksums-Sha1: 5175ecb64ab127a234e61135eead83057041161c 2940 mpd_0.19.9-16683bee5f132eda318c5a61ec14b2df8d9164d60 701480 mpd_0.19.948fe55670fc74685ea7eed0fa1ed3e704edf111a 28112 mpd_0.19.9-1.xz bd19caa9be87256c889bce18c7e3389862f647b5 365002 mpd_0.19.9-1_amd6483dea9d178e5183ed58434c5ed10ca6801e40831 6822318 mpd-dbg_0.19.9-1_amd64Checksums-Sha256: 83d4d0cfa4e2a6c1e35e367de691315b1f0575911872d9b1ca48bcb687bbd521 2940 mpd_0.19.9-147851423053cd38cfad65be5985b41b7cd5bdbe8d0d13378e11748a28b19f26f 701480 mpd_0.19.900bd8317bc9e7241b3944ded51a59b69f64c2d86dfe29975f22ccc4fb88188b7 28112 mpd_0.19.9-1.xz db140131af11366802b240a2259d7c9a0ab0864b3182133fbede1a3206ae1bb7 365002 mpd_0.19.9-1_amd64c6d26b41356d2a8609d5af28a418d18a6ee61d3e27edbece09c35add1e851899 6822318 mpd-dbg_0.19.9-1_amd64Files: d33da1f6c565929c50c6ba9688bca517 2940 sound optional mpd_0.19.9-11a66f7b4db1fa61b87e04e666c94088d 701480 sound optional mpd_0.19.9fd5285832297bec44a562151ff4f6235 28112 sound optional mpd_0.19.9-1.xz 134c5e9596de8b01595789185dc906ae 365002 sound optional mpd_0.19.9-1_amd64c7ea6c81a32b676a3eb2b7e6dea54291 6822318 debug extra mpd-dbg_0.19.9-1_amd64-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: Gnu PG v1 i QIc BAEBCAAGBQJVDLqm AAo JEBKXO25y3Ae1yr4P/1u1/xcaoo OQ4kn Ga VO bp TF T01W0P SXQCk6x Bb Wu8/v T7v9JTKuva C KRw Ds Rn dz Yk V y WR5Hzg0xdut AJF4W x Heye Ef35DTzt HZJCx DFCvb l/XCRh2TF8EYH4FAIz AOr5WUo XPGy TKkwd Ano Fk/ 6KIfhx5Xy Q8sy Fa QKrjam5Ts Kcb/ivyx3Nyorp N9f5nzg J4u6Ux RZwf/Vqe Zd QF y69trk J4v0KTJ6HXib GEa6PL5313Cb KSN1Jnsj BA2Tva Ev DVN1NC qi8i RTSb SN/ jtgfj5t He CEGda6Gi Ymgbp4Ha LJl99ajk2y K2di 3J2Yct As U5x SDX3g21/nr AOO g Oey0k QKP8Gs/CPm9v Ef Umcjk XXOg EYujxo5Pn O2w KAEPad O2Qh1Vfms5KF2l w Rb Ahc N8c0TP7d Jyhet L6VR0wy90f TMi MV7ZVD5d P50Fp Jz FP8ku NHR s9mq M9BC qpm8k9E7TEt6Fdhl2Yok Fknt Afq Fvj Yd LNOBHgtb6MKA PSMd K6FGYua C7BOwfu5 Um P5Rh2M8C5qqn2jbw P7bz Tz P1o1/kb/z Epf H1x L979GNge7Z7ltz/tq7q1n BZLn o4Omp GX8I7Qr4z Vd WMpn WGGp N Jcmm Er QDgdy67Fsj NF1J7w7c j1f RCYAd GI8IK vi U/T5Bi FSssufsggt7f =pt AQ -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- I just tried to do a database update with 0.19.1-1.1 and it churned for a while and then spit out this in the log: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error' what(): basic_string::_S_construct null not valid and it killed the mpd daemon :( micah a while and then spit out this in the log: that's expected - 0.19.1-1.1 is a known-buggy version.

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