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Ohio state university policy dating students

Later he focused on interracial relationships and on student-professor relationships.

He is the Founding Editor of SEXUALITY AND CULTURE, published by Springer NYC.

During his 35 years as a professor and four years as an in-residence grad student at the University of Wisconsin, he openly engaged in propinquitous (as in propinquity) dating, dating students and having many wonderful friendships with many of his students and their families.

During his early years in academia he married the daughter of a professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Wisconsin. His wife, Henrietta, who he met when she was a student in one of his classes, passed away in 2015.

Establishes guidelines and reporting requirements for paid consulting external to the university, that is undertaken by faculty members (including administrators with faculty appointments) and that is related to their area of professional expertise.

Educates units about regulations related to conducting university activities outside Ohio and develops a process to collect student placements outside Ohio.

Such processes assist the State Authorization Team in prioritizing necessary authorization requests and seeking approvals for trigger activities.

In 1977 he became famous/infamous for his LA Times article on the anti-homosexual campaign of Anita Bryant.

What ended up in the final policy was essentially proposed in the Work Group Report.

And it appears that the Work Group report was not criticized by anyone or any entity associated with OSU.

View Rules of the University Faculty Chapter 13 - University Property, Patent Rights, Patentable Discoveries and Inventions, Copyrights, Participation in Companies Commercializing University Research, Research Misconduct Provides philosophical basis and legal requirements regarding use of alcohol on campus and at university-sponsored events.

Outlines procedures for providing alcohol at social events and selling it at licensed venues.

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