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The billionaires and millionaires played until the sun came up.The hostess walked away with ,000 — tips plus a percentage of the pot.’ And I made mixes for the game with embarrassingly obvious song choices: ‘The Gambler’ or ‘Night Moves,’ ” she writes. “It was almost as if he wasn’t trying to win or lose.Clad in a sweet navy-blue dress with a bow and old heels from her college days, Bloom greeted guests for her first game as they showed up at the front door at p.m. Todd Phillips, writer and director of “Old School” and “The Hangover,” was the first one there, followed by Di Caprio and Maguire. He folded most hands and listened to music on huge headphones.” “When I shook Leo’s hand and he gave me a crooked smile from under his hat, my heart raced a little faster,” Bloom writes.“If I take the game over, I told myself, I’ll clean it up. I imagined holding my games in beautiful rooms with snack tables outfitted with caviar and fine cheeses,” she writes.

She was dating Drew Mc Court, whose father owned the Los Angeles Dodgers, upgrading to Louboutins and Bentleys and partying at Diddy’s.

When the heated game got down to Maguire and Wideman, Wideman called, scooping up the massive pot. Bloom realized she’d need to vet new players herself to keep her celebs happy.

The actor smiled politely, while pulling his phone out to text Bloom under the table. Bloom concentrated on booking “whales” — wealthy guys who were bad at poker but could be lured in by the chance to sit with stars.

Not a bad night for someone who didn’t even play a hand.

Molly Bloom ran her exclusive, top-secret, bicoastal poker ring for several years, keeping the ­details secret from even her closest friends and family — but now she’s ­finally showing her hand in her memoir, “Molly’s Game,” out Tuesday.

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Bloom registered an LLC for her “event-planning business” and met with an attorney to make sure what she was doing was aboveboard.

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