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Psychometric dating

Because the stimulus is ambiguous, it is claimed that the patient must impose his or her own structure and in doing so they reveal their thoughts, feelings, and themes, some of which are unconscious and have been projected into the inkblot image (hence the term projective testing).

The important thing to note about psychometric testing is that it’s governed by 3 key principles: 1.

This prompted almost a decade of development work resulting in the publication of the MMPI-2 in 1989.

The following quote should give you some idea of the scope of the MMPI and the MMPI-2.

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This statement alone is enough to make most people consider an alternative career path but don’t be phased by the thought of statistics.

The items range widely in content, covering such areas as general health, affective neurological, and motor symptoms; sexual, political and social attitudes; educational, occupational, family and marital questions; and many well known neurotic or psychotic behavior manifestations’. Psychological Testing by Anna Anastasi and Susana Urbina.

Book Description This classic, authoritative introduction to psychological testing is widely hailed for its broad coverage and its ability to cover "graduate school" topics in terms that one with little testing experience can understand.

The principles you need to come to terms (although extending beyond the confines of this discussion) are actually very straight forward. Psychologists have developed literally hundreds of psychometric tests for a variety of purposes.

Achievement and aptitude tests are regularly employed in educational and employment settings, clinical tests assess levels of anxiety and depression, neuropsychological tests measure cognitive functioning e.g.

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