Rachael taylor dating josh lawson the dangerous of dating on website

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Rachael taylor dating josh lawson

The 27 year-old Ben (Josh Lawson) has it all: a high paying job in marketing, women falling at his feet and a great circle of friends. Yet when he is asked to return to his former high school, along with UN humanitarian worker Alex (Rachael Taylor), it all goes wrong when none of the students have any questions for him after his career speech.

Sparking a quarter-life crisis, his best friend Andy (Christian Clark) takes him on a holiday, his mentor Sam (Lachy Hulme) gets him to buy a sports car and his friends Nick (Daniel Henshall) and Em (Felicity Ward) don’t offer him the advice he wants to hear.

He has a brilliant acting career which can be also proved by his net worth which is estimated to be around 5 million dollars.Made up of former members of the television troupe that produced has helped keep them there.It is brilliant to know that with all the changes to the Australian film industry in the last decade or so, there is still a place for original comedies in the market.He has been linked with many girls in the past but, he has never confessed about his affairs.He was once had affair with an Australian actress and model Rachael Taylor.

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He was also featured in various other television show Sea Patrol as Toby "Chefo" Jones, The Librarians as Lachie Davis.

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