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Break the negative thinking habit, and shift in to finding greater joy in life!

Soon your relationship to food will shift effortlessly and automatically to match your new mind-state.

We feel that we have found a middle-ground that is sustainable for the body and doable for any individual or family.

- Lifetime Membership so you can re-do the program four times a year! - Email access to Jinjee for personal consultation any time We understand the importance of staying motivated and it is our goal to help motivate you to want to do the best you can for your health and energy!

These exercises will help you to sculpt a new body to go with your new lifestyle! Our Ground-Breaking 28 Day Well-Being Program cultivating inner joy, an absolutely essential ingredient for long-lasting health and fitness, is a major part of the 28 Days Raw Program!

After working in this field for 18 years, I have learned that the number one reason people are unable to shift their eating habits is their own mind-set!

We have found that this works best for the long term.

The Garden Diet, a raw vegan diet, falls somewhere in between the gourmet social raw movement with its superfoods, raw cacao, and dehydrated foods on the one end and the extreme raw diets like the low-fat raw diets or the fruitarian diets on the other end of the pendulum swing.

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