Scientific dating of mahabharata war

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But modern scientific tools and techniques like computers with planetarium softwares, advancements in archaeological and marine archaeological techniques, earth-sensing satellite photography and thermoluminescence dating methods, all have made it possible to establish the authenticity and dating of many events narrated in ancient texts like Mahabharata.Recent archaeo-astronomical studies, results of marine-archaeological explorations and overwhelming archaeological evidence have established the historicity and dating of many events narrated in the epic Mahabharata. Iyengar, the great scientist of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore examined relevant references and searched for the compatible dates by making use of planetarium software (PVIS and EZC).On Kartika Krishna Ashtami, Saturn was near Rohini and Mars was between Jayestha and Anuradha.Twenty two days later, on Kartika Purnima, Saturn was near Rohini, Mars was near Jayestha, a rough planet (probably uranus) was between Citra and Swati.For thousands of years, we Indians have believed in the divinity of Shri Krishna.For us he was a Karmayogi par excellence who gave us action oriented philosophy of life in the form of Bhagavad Gita.

Reference to the third solar eclipse comes in the Mausala Parva (2.19 to 2.20) occurring in the 36th year of the Mahabharata War.

Extensive excavations carried out in these areas have shown that Indus Civilization flourished in these areas between 3400-1500 BC.

The excavations carried out in Lothal in Gujarat have proved the existence of very advanced civilization between 2300 BC to 1600 BC.

This was visible from the city of Dwarka which is stated to have been subsequently submerged under the sea.

For these observations to be internally consistent, there should had been three solar eclipses within a period of 50 years.

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Jupiter had moved from Purva-bhadra to Uttar-bhadra on BC.(v) In the 36th year after Mahabharata war in October 1478 BC, a solar eclipse could be seen from Dwarka on 7.1.1443 BC. Mate and chance discovery of temples of 9th century AD and 1st century AD buried near the present Dwarkadhish Temple prompted setting of a Marine Archaeology Centre jointly by National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Rao who has the distinction of being awarded “The World Ship Trust Award” for outstanding research done in this field. This team carried out twelve marine archaeological expeditions between the year 1983 to 1992 AD and articles/antiquities recovered were sent to Physical Research Laboratory for dating. He has concluded that:(i) The land for building the city of Dwarka had been reclaimed from the sea between 16th to 15th century BC and a fortified city was built on boulder packing with outer gateway to the sea and inner gateway to Gomti river.

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