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The only gag that works is about two men in golfcarts chasing their balls.Accompanying this annoying attempt at humor is an insipid soundtrack, replete with rimshots and silly sound effects. And the characters are just silly caricatures, so you can't really care about what happens to them. Every actor has many quality films to his credit (except Larry Storch), so it's painful to see them in this shallow, unfunny vehicle.Angie Rossini is an innocent Italian Catholic Macy's salesgirl, who discovers she's pregnant from a fling with Rocky, a musician.Angie finds Rocky (who doesn't remember her at first) to ...Stay on for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.Używamy plików cookie, aby pomóc w personalizacji treści, dostosowywać i analizować reklamy oraz zapewnić bezpieczne korzystanie z serwisu.Though its title might suggest a semi-serious film about liberating women from their roles and the expectations of society, SATSG is nothing like that.It is a tongue-in-cheek attempt at humor that, in the end, is nothing more than a series of gags.

A police officer and friend of his is chosen to participate in a charity dance performance. See full summary » A painting falls off the wall in a rented room.See full summary » The science fiction film "Kosmicheskii Reis" was first shown in Soviet theaters in January 1936.Soviet cinematographers created a progressively realistic image of a journey to the moon in ...Playboy does to softcore sex films what HBO's Tales from the Crypt did for horror.Contains the stories: "Brush Strokes"; "Shrink Rap"; "Doubletalk"; "The Leda"; "My Secret Moments"; "Life ...

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As a painter in the court of King Carlos IV, Goya - played by the great Lithuanian actor Donatas Banionis (The Red Tent, Solaris) - has attained wealth and reputation. See full summary » n the 16th Century, the lycanthrope Waldemar Daninsky goes from his native Europe to Japan, seeking a way to cure himself of being a werewolf.