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And anti-prostitution crusaders behave as if we were at war over a symbol rather than discussing possible and partial solutions.But in normal, daily-life conversations, it’s usually easy.Move over to the migrants’ standpoint and you hear something else, and it’s not pitiful.

SWARM: The Three Headed Dog fleshes out an idea you push in Sex at the Margins: that the depiction of all migrants as vulnerable and victimized is problematic.

In Sex at the Margins, you point out that "within discourse on services, cleaning and caring are treated with some subtlety, but debate on the sale of sex focuses on ideologies and moralising." Getting the same level of subtlety into conversations about prostitution sometimes feels impossible. LA: In my public talks, I present loads of nuanced, unsettling information, and the questions afterwards are calm and interested.

But I’ve rarely succeeded in diverting ‘debates’ from the ideological level, because they are where Rescuers seek to manifest their moral indignation loudly and clearly.

Travellers from rich countries are positioned as courageous and in control; less wealthy migrants as pitiful.

Is there a danger that this stance glosses over genuine inequalities?

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LA: Why should acknowledgement of structural inequalities mean victimising those less equal? Unequal in terms of money and power does not mean unequal in agency, connections, street-smarts or guts.

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