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Subject voluntarily turned the game over to the Foundation.

It is now stored with other documentation covering SCP-2527.

Lord Beauremont: At least they aren't human, though!

They should just keep their wet internal organs right where they belong, am I right?

I got a bunch of other humans guarding me and trying to keep it from happening.

is a text adventure game similar to SCP-2527-2, except it operates on PCs and tablets from multiple manufacturers.

Of note is a lack of corresponding SCP-2527-1 instance.

PEEPLE say "Grant us your holy boon, O Great Master!

Help me get rid of these guys." 26Thulu62 say "Oh thank St. Help me get rid of these guys." There is 76 CORPSE here.

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Subject's copy of ██████ ██████ █ came with an undocumented "bonus game" called .

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