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For the past several decades, the centerpiece of the Zionist’s control over general Western public opinion is their use of “Holocaust Remembrance” propaganda (see also Prof Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry) to instill guilt for ‘Jewish victimization’ in the white Gentile masses, whose independent interests, open inquiry and unfettered voice, media-dominant American Jewry has successfully suppressed.

Extremist Jews have the means at their disposal through the press, screen, infiltration of public school curriculae, and sheer political muscle (AIPAC being the most obvious example) to engineer their particular narration of guilt-ridden history in order to form attitudes and actions that define for the non-Jew what a “righteous Gentile” is.

But sadly, to America’s tragedy, in 1913 the privately-owned Jewish consortium slavery apparatus, the Federal Reserve Bank, was between the Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of England under the dictates of international Jewry grows ever stronger with its attendant manipulation of America’s and England’s domestic and foreign policies acting in concert with each other.If someone has thought it, it has probably been mentioned in the 16 years the program has been on the air.As a favor to a fellow journalist, Rense recently extended an invitation to an ex-attorney, Leo Donofrio, who has been chasing the spectre of Obama’s true birth place on the Internet and in court.The movie Schindler’s List, produced by the powerhouse Hollywood Jew, Steven Spielberg, is an example of Judeocentric determinism and socialization, if not downright re-education, of the non-Jew.For the hero of , German-born Oskar Schindler, is crowned a “righteous Gentile” who gets a free ticket to Jew Heaven for protecting Jews from the Nazis during WWII.

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However, just over ten minutes before Donofrio was to present his work on the Rense program, he emailed the host and canceled his guest visit on October 8, 2009, scheduled for 9 PM Pacific Time. Rense happened to glance at his computer screen and saw the email.

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