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Sophia myles dating david tennant

So why isn't Sophia Myles Britain's best-known actress? After a couple of glasses of Côtes du Rhône, London's prettiest potty-mouth is "desperate for a piss". From experience, actresses' convenience breaks, punctuated as they are by tortuous re-beautification, tend to be marathon affairs.It is not uncommon for a radiant diva to emerge only to find their formerly clean-shaven interviewer has grown a beard and the governments of three countries have changed. Before you can say "Jimmy Riddle", Sophia Myles is sashaying back to the sofa.

She has brought a soul to lust-object figures in low-budget numbers such as Art School Confidential and the soon-to-be-released Hallam Foe. We meet in the bar of a central London hotel, where media people come to sit next to other media people and bellow into their mobile phones.The location was Myles's decision, and it seems like an odd one. She was, briefly, the girlfriend of a school friend of mine (who, with a prescient nod to her burgeoning film career, was called Tristan), and we have stayed in touch ever since.So why we are meeting here, rather than in her flat in Queen's Park, north-west London, is tough to fathom.She attended Fox Primary Scholl and pursued her degree in philosophy from the University of Cambridge.Regarding her Ethnicity, she is white and belongs to a British Nationality.

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I've chosen not to talk about my really private life to the press - I've never invited a huge amount of attention. I think, once you start revealing the private stuff, you're essentially fair game." What is at the basis of these fears about press intrusion is not quite clear.