Sophos configure updating greyed

Posted by / 23-May-2019 01:06

Use these steps to configure Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit).By default, the App Layering Optimization script disables the Windows Update service.

This issue occurs when you assign the App Layer with the Kaspersky software to a desktop.

I'm like @krhoads65, stuck with 11.5.9 version and totally disappointed.

Can anyone help us on this version as previous script does not work any longer.

The Packaging Machine becomes visible in the e PO System Tree list and the Mc Afee icon appears in the taskbar of the Packaging Machine.

The following procedures describe how to use an OS Layer or an App Layer to deploy the Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus software in App Layering.

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One thing I noticed that it did not kill the ALMon process. @WINNERI I don't think you would be able to script that kind of thing.

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